five string deep body smooth body violin - prospero

The "Prospero" smooth body five string violin


Half price Violorama soundpost pickup system is available for £120 if purchased to be fitted to this instrument at time of purchase. Pickup full price is £240

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SOLD OUT - this item will not be replaced so this page is now here primarily for historical interest. At this time there are no plans for there ever to be any more of this instrument.

This is one of the custom "Prospero" range of 5 string violas and violins made especially for Violorama.

This violin has such a rich, deep and powerful sound that you'd be forgiven for thinking it was a viola when you listen to the sound clip. The scale length is that of a violin, but the body is deep, proportionately more like a viola's. For violinists who have small hands but want a more viola-like sound without the stretch, this would be an excellent choice of instrument.

Compared to my other standard models the Prospero is dark, punchy and focused with a slight trombone or french horn brass-like quality to the attack. It is less open and reverberant than the Miranda, and less bright and reedy than the Ariel.

It is striking in appearance as well as tone, with an unusual smooth body shape, and an antiqued brown varnish. Unlike our regular shaped deep-bodied violin model, which might go undetected in an orchestral string section at first glance, this five string violin is an instrument that will instantly be noticed.

This violin has several unusual features that enhance its function. The smooth body shape allows greater bow angle without bumping the bow hand on the corners, special pegbox and scroll design for light weight and ease of stringing, wide fingerboard and string spacing so the extra string doesn't result in a cramped feel, carefully calculated proportions for balanced and rich tone.

fitted with:

* Knilling perfection geared pegs.

* Light weight wooden tailpiece with dyneema tailcord for lively upper resonance.

* Strings: D'Addario Zyex A D G / Thomastik Vision C / Thomastik Special Program E

Comes with a deluxe rectangular black fabric covered hard foam case.

Here are some sound clips of this violin as mp3:

French Tune - Orinoco - Midnight on Platform 16B

Here are the same clips again as high quality flac:

French Tune - Orinoco - Midnight on Platform 16B

Here are some video clips of a violin of this model: (quicktime plugin required)

the clips are of an earlier one with a blonde finish, but the construction and sound is very similar

Video Clip 1 slow tempo

Video Clip 2 medium tempo

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