privacy policy

privacy policy

Privacy, both yours and mine, is very important to me. Privacy in recent years has been seriously damaged by corporate and government overreach. That is outside the scope of this policy, but I recommend you familiarise yourself with the issues. One possible place to start is the Electronic Frontier Foundation

A good UK resource is the Open Rights Group

This website ( does not use cookies at all for any purpose.

The image galleries use javascript (lightbox) to create the pop-up large images when you click on the thumbnails. There is no other javascript on this website, and certainly none used for tracking or collecting data.

This website ( does not track you or collect any information of any sort about how you use any part of the web outside this website.

The server (computer) that serves you this website keeps the normal sorts of activity logs that all such servers do. Such as page views and so on. This information does not explicitly identify you, but could possibly be used to identify that you visited this website and which pages you looked at if anyone examined it with that in mind.

At time of writing (March 2017) I do not use or examine the server logs at all. In future I may check them for aggregate data on the use of this website. I have no interest in identifying individual customers from that data and will not attempt this.

Unless you take steps to prevent it, your internet service provider (ISP) can see all your browsing activity and that includes your use of this website. Obviously that is outside my control.

If you contact me to enquire or to buy an instrument a correspondence will be created. While most customers may be unconcerned about privacy while buying a violin, I nevertheless regard all correspondence as private data and I will treat it as private. I will not share your correspondence with anyone unless compelled to do so legally. However if you use insecure communications such as normal email, there are quite a number of ways that third parties could fairly easily obtain our correspondence. I can offer more private means of communication, such as encrypted email, Wire, or Cryptocat for any customers who prefer to communicate in privacy at all times, as I do. Details of these options will be on the contact page in the near future.

I will keep any correspondence we have for as long as seems necessary to ensure good customer service and allow me to remind myself of each customers specific needs in the event of after sales service being required. I do not have a deletion schedule for old correspondence worked out but I hope to implement this in the future.

Although I regard all your data and communications with me as private, you should be aware that I am just a tiny one person business, and there are limits to my ability to protect our correspondence. I can only offer you the same data protection that I give my own private information. I might get hacked. So might you. Please don't tell me anything that would result in serious consequences for you if it became known to third parties such as hackers, governments, corporates or anyone else.

If you wish to ask a question or suggest an addition to this policy please send me a message. But please be aware that the message form contents are sent to me by regular email and therefore are not very private.