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Some of my customers:

Chrissie Caulfield - 5 string violin

Chrissie Caulfield

Sycorax electric 5 string violin - Model 1

5 string deep bodied violin, with soundpost pickup. Snakewood viola bow.

Chrissie's Bandcamp

Chrissie's Website

Morag Brown - 5 string violin

Morag Brown

Miranda 14 violin with soundpost pickup. Also Violorama soundpost pickup in her 4 string violin. Coda Joule violin bow.

Awry "psychegaelic ceilidh"

Horovod: Balkan, Greek and Turkish music

Jiginaboot Ceilidh Band

Gloria Justen - 5 string viola

Gloria Justen

Ariel 15.5 viola with soundpost pickup.

Gloria's website

Sovra Wilson Dickson - 5 string violin

Sovra Wilson Dickson

Ariel 14 violin with soundpost pickup.

Sovra's youtube demo of her Ariel 14

Sovra's website

Helen Bell- 5 string viola

Helen Bell

5 string Ariel violin with soundpost pickup. Coda Joule viola bow.

Here's a studio video showing the Violorama 16" Prospero viola:

Rooftop Chartreuse

Here is the 'Ariel' 15.5" model being played:

Midnight on Platform 16B

Zoe Robertson - 5 string violin

Zoe Robertson

5 string deep bodied violin with soundpost pickup.

Zoe's website