five string deep body violin "Miranda"

The "Miranda" five string violin


Half price Violorama soundpost pickup system is available for £120 if purchased to be fitted to this instrument at time of purchase. Pickup full price is £240

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SOLD OUT - this item will not be replaced so this page is now here primarily for historical interest. I do have one of these currently dissasembled for modification that may become available when / if I ever manage to get it put back together.

This is the Miranda model 5 string violin. The body shape is conventional, but the body is extra deep, and the pegbox and scroll are the Violorama custom design.

This instrument is built on a violin-sized scale length, but using the dimensions of a viola: its body is deeper than a traditional violin's would be. This provides more support to the C string, which on a violin-sized body can sometimes sound weak on a five string instrument.

The result is a darker toned five string violin - its sound has some of the richness and bass that you'd expect from a viola, plus a smooth violin-like upper register. It's the ideal instrument for someone who is used to playing on a violin-length scale, or has smaller hands.

Compared to my other standard models the Miranda is more reverberant than the Prospero or Ariel, but less focused. The tone is balanced, with an open top and warm low end, but not as reedy and focused as the Ariel nor as dark and punchy as the Prospero.

This instrument has a extra large custom designed scroll and pegbox unique to violorama designed for optimum string angle and easy restringing.

fitted with:

* Knilling perfection geared pegs. Deluxe ebony head version.

* Dyneema tailcord for lively response.

* Light weight harp style tailpiece in ebony or boxwood. One fine adjuster is included, although with the knilling geared pegs fitted it is not really required.

* Chinrest style is flexible. Other chinrest woods and styles may be available on request.

Here are some sound clips of this violin as mp3:

French Tune - Orinoco - Midnight on Platform 16B

Here are the same clips again as high quality flac:

French Tune - Orinoco - Midnight on Platform 16B

For comparison, since recordings vary with many factors, here are some sound clips of a Miranda 14 violin of the same model, in reality the tone is very similar, but the recording was made at a different time, with different, brighter microphones:

French Tune


Here are some video clips of a similar model violin: (quicktime plugin required)

Video Clip 1 medium tempo (French Tune)

Video Clip 2 slow tempo (Orinoco)

Note the exact violin pictured is sold, if this violin is marked as in stock, it is another of the same model.

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