five string electric violin videos

Videos of the Violorama Sycorax electric violin

Feb 2020. Deb (right) and Helen (left) were let loose on my entire stock of Sycorax electric violins. Impromptu tunage resulted. There was no rehearsal.

This video has two clips in it of the same tune, recorded on the night before and the morning after, on different violins.

In the first clip both violins are the latest model 2020 Sycorax, in the second clip they are a slightly older model from 2019. You can probably see some differences if you look closely.

Although the different violins sound different, that is (mostly) not because of the different models, rather it is because of the different woods used and the different setup on each violin.

The signal chain for the audio recording is the violins each go through a JLM mic preamp, then a Mackie SRM350 powered PA speaker, then recorded though the air with a super accurate AKG C480 microphone into a THAT preamp.

I did it this way to show what the violins would sound like in real air through a typical PA system - although the direct sound also sounds good as the videos below show - recording it through the speaker made it more like what you'd actually hear at a gig.

Deb's website

Helen's website

This video from early 2019 shows the natural sound of the Violorama electric violin.

No compression, EQ or other processing have been added except for a very light touch of reverb. (This is just to make it sound like it's in a room, as it would not normally be heard directly.)

This video shows the Violorama Sycorax electric 5 string violin using effects pedals.

The pedals used are the EHX Polyphase (phaser) and Riddle Q-balls (Qtron variant).

This is a sound comparison between the Violorama Sycorax electric violin and a popular brand of electric violin. It was recorded straight in - with no amp or speaker and no EQ or processing of any kind - this is just the completely raw signal from each instrument.