Information for international customers

information for international (non UK) customers

I get a lot of enquiries from customers outside the UK, so here's some information about buying from overseas.

The shipping prices on this website are for UK mainland shipping only. If you need the item shipped elsewhere please send us a message and we'll let you know the shipping cost to your location.

As a rough guide, shipping a viola or violin to the USA costs about £100. To western europe about £45.

There may also be insurance costs as well as shipping charges.

If you buy online and have the instrument shipped overseas, you need to consider that it will be very expensive to return it if you don't like it or find it unsuitable for any reason. Often it would be cheaper to sell it locally than return it to Violorama. Obviously we think you'll love our instruments, but you should be extra sure you have picked the right one before buying from outside the UK.

Please don't contact me asking how much the prices are in your local currency. Exchange rates vary. You can get the latest exchange rates at but you should bear in mind that these are midmarket rates and you will get a slightly worse rate by about 2% since all currency sellers have a small premium built into their rates

Some countries charge import duties, VAT, GST or other taxes on imported goods. It is entirely the buyers responsibility to pay these if they happen and to find out if any such charges will apply and how much they will be. Buyers from EU countries should not have this problem until the end of the Brexit transition period (Jan 1 2021)


The UK has left the EU - BUT trade arrangements stay the same during the transition period - until the end of 2020. From 2021 onwards I expect it will be MUCH more difficult and expensive for me to send instruments to the EU and to receive money from the EU. If you are a EU resident customer please bear this in mind!

I expect that the UK pound will drop in value towards the end of the transition period and even if it doesn't the extra bureaucracy caused by brexit will increase the cost of most of the parts and materials I use. I therefore expect my prices will need to increase substantially in GBP terms in mid to late 2020.