five string viola

The "Ariel" five string viola


Half price Violorama soundpost pickup system is available for £120 if purchased to be fitted to this instrument at time of purchase. Pickup full price is £240

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LAST ONE EVER This item will not be restocked. At this time there are no plans for there ever to be any more of this instrument. The instrument pictured is the exact one being sold.

When I decided to stop selling this line of violins and violas I put aside this viola for myself, since the Ariel 15.5" is my personal favourite of the instruments I sell. However as it turns out I don't have time to play the viola and I need funds for my new Violorama project (to be revealed soon), so I have decided to sell it.

This instrument has already been fitted with a pickup, so it is only available with a pickup for the total price of £1370 plus shipping (UK shipping is about £30)

I will change the chinrest for one that suits you at no extra cost if you don't want this style. I can also substitute boxwood chinrest and tailpiece at no extra cost if desired. Other strings may also be available (Zyex or Warchal Karneol)

Description of this model:

This is a 15.5" viola in our custom Ariel range of 5 string violas and violins made especially for Violorama.

The "Ariel" narrow waisted body shape contributes to this viola's tone, which is rich and reedy with prominent harmonic content and a spacious reverberant ambience. Its curvaceous proportions, narrow waist and blunt corners have all been incorporated in order to allow plenty of bowing angle, which is an important consideration in five string instruments. The blunt cornered shape is a little reminiscent of a baroque viol, although this is a modern viola in all other respects.

The finish is a traditional shaded brown varnish, lightly antiqued.

This viola has several unusual features that enhance its function. The narrow waist allows greater bow angle to accomodate the 5th string, special pegbox and scroll design for light weight and ease of stringing, wide fingerboard and string spacing so the extra string doesn't result in a cramped feel, carefully calculated proportions for balanced and rich tone.

fitted with:

* Knilling perfection geared pegs.

* Ebony tailpiece with kevlar tailcord.

* Choice of strings. Warchal Amber strings pictured.

* Ebony chinrest pictured, alternative chinrests available on request.

Comes with a rectangular fabric covered hard foam case.

Here are some sound clips of this instrument:

Clips as mp3 files: -

Orinoco - Midnight on Platform 16B - Lydia's Revenge

Clips as flac files (higher quality but may not play on all systems): -

Orinoco - Midnight on Platform 16B - Lydia's Revenge

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viola spruce top
viola spruce top
viola spruce top
two piece flamed maple back
two piece flamed maple back
two piece flamed maple back
viola 5 string open scroll
viola 5 string open scroll
viola 5 string bridge
viola 5 string body
viola 5 string body from player's perspective