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customer testimonials:

Often my customers say nice things about me or the instrument they have purchased. Here are some of them.

"Everyone I have played with, though, is completely knocked backwards by how easy it is to get a good sound out of this violin.  Whenever I plug in there are a few minutes of us all looking at each other, confused, and wondering why we don't have to adjust anything to make it sound bearable.  It's instantly warm and rich.  No more angry insect noises!!!!  I can't tell you my relief.  I'm afraid of electronics so was really hesitant about your unique set up, but I'm glad I took the leap."
Zoe Robertson

"The Prospero, to put it lightly, is one of the best instruments I've worked with. It is hard to find a 5 string violin that has a body big enough to give the C-string an extra punch, yet light enough to be portable and convenient. The Prospero is luscious, rich, and dark in the lower registers, just as much as a Viola. The overall tone is powerful and reverberant. It is surprising that such a small instrument could have such a complex sound. This complexity gives the musician so many possibilities when experimenting with tonal techniques, such as slides, double stops, and octaves.

The special pickup system designed by Tom does not interfere with the acoustic properties of the violin. It is attractive and less bulky than the typical live set up, providing the performer with less clutter. The pickup is so clean when plugged into a PA, you almost never have to tweak it. The pickup system is one of the more natural sounding available; other pickup systems pale in comparison.

Tom also provided great service. He answered important questions in a timely manner and was quick to educate me on the options for his pickup system, which seem to be endless. He truly cares about your musical needs, which is more than I can say for most luthiers here in the United States.

Tom has an excellent product, and I could not be happier with my Prospero. I have tried hundreds of 5 string violins during my search for a new instrument, and none of them come close to the rich complexity of the Prospero, or any of Tom's other models."
Taylor Russo

"I took the violin to show my luthier (who is also a dealer for ***** violins) and he was incredibly impressed. He said you’ve got a great product in the Violorama 5 string instrument, and it’s different to anything else out there. He was well impressed with the tonal range. Thanks again for supplying a great instrument at very reasonable cost."
Tracey Smith

" I have to say that in years of playing with fiddlers, this is the first pick up system that produces the ideal sound for this instrument. I was instantly impressed by the amount of gain without having to crank her on the mixer and also how clear and pure it sounds."
Damian Brennan

"Wow - I am really overwhelmed by the beauty of this sound. Playing this instrument is pure joy. When I switch to my old violin, it is like the difference between a crow and a blackbird (which, in my opinion, have much more beautiful voices than nightingales). I am so happy that I found your website and made the decision to buy this instrument."
Ina Siebert