five string viola 15.5" - Miranda

The "Miranda" five string viola 15.5"

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Half price Violorama soundpost pickup system is available for £120 if purchased to be fitted to this instrument at time of purchase. Pickup full price is £240

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This is one of the custom "Miranda" range of 5 string violas and violins made especially for Violorama.

The viola pictured has a 15" body - however current stock have a 15.5" body. They look almost identical so I haven't yet taken new pictures. The tone is also very similar and the sound clips remain a good guide.

The Miranda body shape is the conventional body shape we are all used to.

This viola has several unusual features that enhance its function. The violorama custom pegbox and scroll design for light weight and ease of stringing, wide fingerboard and string spacing so the extra string doesn't result in a cramped feel, carefully calculated proportions for balanced and rich tone.

fitted with:

* Knilling perfection geared pegs.

* Light weight wooden tailpiece with dyneema tailcord for lively upper resonance.

* Strings: D'Addario Zyex A D G C / Sensicore viola E/p>

Comes with a rectangular black fabric covered hard foam case.

Here are some sound clips of the 15" version of this instrument:

Clips as mp3 files: - Audio Clip 1 - Audio Clip 2

Clips as flac files (higher quality but may not play on all systems): - Audio Clip 1 - Audio Clip 2

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Note the exact viola pictured is sold, if this viola is marked as in stock, it is another of the same model. Ask me about any differences. Price may vary slightly with any variations in the individual instruments in stock.

In stock now.

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viola spruce top
flamed maple back
viola side view
viola 5 string scroll
viola 5 string pegbox
back of scroll
light wooden tailpiece with dyneema cord
boxwood chinrest
5 string viola bridge
players eye view