five string electric violin

The Violorama Sycorax Model 2 five string electric violin

Model 2 £900

A new approach to the electric violin, equally suited to violinists who are primarily electric or acoustic players.

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The price above is the full price. The first 5 or so instruments will be available at discounts of 5% to 25% depending on the details of the specification.

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The two models

Model 1 has a wooden top and back arches and the soundpost rests on the back arch. This model therefore has extra resonances and tonal complexity caused by the movement of the back - it sounds closer to an acoustic tone. In fact if you couldn't see it, it could easily be mistaken for an acoustic in a live amplification situation.

Model 2 as pictured here has a wooden top and the soundpost rests on a brace built into the body. This model therefore has a simpler more direct tone, and is cheaper to make. The tone and feel are still more like an acoustic than most electric violins since it still has a wooden top, soundpost, and bass bar system the same as model 1. The back arch on model 2 is cosmetic and doesn't affect the tone. Model 2 may suit players who want a simpler, more focused tone to sit well in a complex band with many instruments, or who use lots of effects and want to start from a simpler timbral starting point while still having the same natural feel and basic tone of the Sycorax violin. It’s a sound with a little less complexity than an acoustic violin, but with the basic characteristics of the acoustic sound – which in the context of a full electric band will cut through the mix more clearly than an acoustic would, without losing any of the defining characteristics of a violin sound. It’s like a streamlined version of an acoustic violin’s tone.

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violorama sycorax electric five string violin
back of violorama sycorax electric five string violin
top of electric five string violin
side view of electric five string violin
tailpiece design
printed back arch
beech top arch
beech top arch
beech top arch
beech top arch