Pernambuco Cello bow - gold mounted - Flexible, Heavy

A Flexible Heavy Pernambuco Cello bow


Item code VCB7

This bow has a round pernambuco stick, gold alloy mounting, abalone slide and eye, and snakewood frog. A beautiful and well made bow if a touch fancy looking for some.

It's fairly heavy at 85 grams, and the weight is distributed somewhat towards the tip with a balance point of 261mm. This is my personal favourite weight and balance.

The stick is fairly flexible, and its spring and bounce are fairly slow. A good bow for long notes using the whole bow which need the power of the bow evenly distributed over its length.

The tone is centred and warm, even mellow. It would help to control an over bright instrument or bright strings such as dominants or spirocores

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snakewood frog with gold mounting
snakewood frog with gold mounting and abalone slide
götz pernambuco bow tip
curve of the bow stick